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High-Quality Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

  • Partnering with 16 universities, including top-tier institutions, in the USA, Philippines and Vietnam.
  • Mobilized over 1,000 managers and professionals to teach online.
  • Over 6200 alumni with achievements and career progress: 97% are employed; 34% founder better jobs; salaries increased by 16.1%, 1.5 times compared to national average wage. Hundreds became Founders, CEOs, Managers…

    Online English Speech Tutoring

  • Students in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.
  • Live speech practice with hundreds of American, Australias and European teachers
  • Sessions start every hour from 8am to 11pm.
  • 300 modules on rich multimedia self-study material, individualized learning path, zero waiting for the next class.
  • TOPICA Edumall Vietnam
    & Edumall Thailand

    The largest online learning platform aimed at professional adults and students in Southeast Asia

  • Edumall is the largest online learning platform aimed at professional adults and students in Southeast Asia. The platform provides thousands of online courses across all majors and development skills. As of May 2020, the platform has more than 4 million students, 500 instructors teaching courses.
  • TOPICA Founder Institute

    Early-Stage Startup Accelerator

  • Grads have raised nearly 8 million US dollars in 3 years.
  • Member of the Silicon Valley-based Founder Institute network of 60 cities.
  • Appota: 3rd Prize, Startup Asia Tokyo Arena 2014; Series B raised.
  • Other funded grads: 3S, Antoree, HSP Yton, Morbling, upLevo, vLance.

    High Quality Education Leader in South East Asia by focusing on innovations in education

  • Partnering with the world's top universities and organizations to provide the high quality education programs, including: TOPICA Founder Institute; TOPICA IVY English; TOPICA IVY Executive; TOPICA IVY Professional.