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High-Quality Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

  • Partnering with 8 universities, including top-tier institutions, in the Philippines and Vietnam.
  • Mobilized over 1,000 managers and professionals to teach online.
  • Over 1600 alumni with achievements and career progress: 97% are employed; 34% founder better jobs; salaries increased 16.1% after one year, 1.5 times national average. Hundreds became Founders, CEOs, Managers…
  • Several students enrolled in Topica Uni after holding Master’s degrees. 21% of students had previously graduated from full-time universities, 43% of whom from top-tier institutions.

    Online English Speech Tutoring

  • Students in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.
  • Live speech practice with hundreds on American, Australian, European teachers.
  • Sessions start every hour from 8am to 11pm.
  • 300 modules on rich multimedia self-study material, individualized learning path, zero waiting for the next class.
  • TOPICA Founder Institute

    Early-Stage Startup Accelerator

  • Grads have raised nearly 8 million US dollars in 3 years.
  • Member of the Silicon Valley-based Founder Institute network of 60 cities.
  • Appota: 3rd Prize, Startup Asia Tokyo Arena 2014; Series B raised.
  • Other funded grads: 3S, Antoree, HSP Yton, Morbling, upLevo, vLance.

    Pioneering Education Technologies

  • World's first English speech tutoring via Google Glass. Learning on Smartwatches, Smartphones, IPTV, 3D Virtual Environment...
  • Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates personally launched an early Topica initiative, 2006.