An Ireland teacher is deeply attached to Vietnam Education.

From the far-away country – Ireland, Dineen Nicola always wants contribute her ability to the development of Vietnam education, especially children education.

Because of love for children

Going to Vietnam in October 2013, Nicola’s target was just discovering culture and famous sightseeing in Vietnam. However, after this trip, she aspired to stay and do volunteering activities for children in this country. She chose her job based on her love for children and her great passion for helping them develop necessary skills for a better future.

Ms Nicola with children in her class

During Nicola’s trip in Vietnam, she worked as an enthusiastic teacher in several courses in which children can improve and complete skills about basic awareness, emotion coaching and English language skills. One of her best impression in Vietnam is the volunteer trip hosted by a non-government organization in Hoi An. For this young Irish teacher, this trip was a remarkable milestone where she could work with children who have special need for the first time in life and found what she wants to do to make a meaningful life for herself.

Aspiration to contribute to Vietnam education

Not only does she care about children education, but also Nicola wants to do more for Vietnam education in general. That was the reason why she chose to become an English teacher at TOPICA Native. For more than one year working as an online English teacher at this company, she has become one of the most favorite teachers voted by thousands of its students. Talking about this job, she said: “TOPICA is an interesting online teaching environment. I believe online education is a very potential education trend for future as it gives language learners around the world a chance to speak to native speakers wherever they are, with a small amount money and great flexibility in location and time”

Nicola Dineen really loves her students

As an English teacher, she has many chances to communicate with a large number of students from Vietnam and Thailand. Her students come from various ages and occupation. Sometimes she meets elderly students in their sixties who are retired, mothers who have very busy work and family life and students who study at school or university. Although her students are very busy with lots of daily activities, they still find the necessity of learning how to communicate in English and culture exchange with native speakers. It shows that for Vietnamese people in particular and Asian people in general, English has become a more and more important weapon which can help them open the door of opportunity in career and life. And online classes seem to be a good choice for them thanks to its flexibility and convenience.

From Christmas holiday, Dineen has come back to her hometown in Ireland after a long time working in Vietnam and she decided to stay with her family for several months. However, it does not affect her online teacher job because wherever she is, with a laptop and stable Internet connection, she still can keep her work of helping thousands of Asian students learn English.  After her trip back home, Nicola expects the day when she can come back to this lovely country and continue the other favorite job – to be an ability development teacher for kids beside teaching online.

Nicola’s devotion is strongly proven by the high appreciation of her students and colleagues. Her enthusiasm and responsibility is worth of honor. Vietnam education in general and TOPICA Native in particular need more and more teachers as Nicola to help millions learn better and more successful in life.

Now TOPICA Native is seeking for online English teachers all around the world, especially who are located in Vietnam, US, Europe and some countries in SEA. For more information, visit