E-learning Helped Some Students During Flood

(The Hindu, December 26, 2015) E-learning Helped Some Students During Flood


Access to the Internet and web-based learning ensured that students in some private schools did not miss schoolwork even during the extended holiday due to the recent rain and the ensuing flood.


Some schools have installed software or signed into popular E-learning platforms to provide homework and assignments. A teacher in Omega, a private school in Kolapakkam, which is still cleaning up the mess left by the flood, said some teachers had sent online assignments to students. “But it depended on accessibility,” the teacher, who did not want to be named, said.


Chettinad Vidhyashram sent assignments through Yokibu. “We concentrated on students appearing for the board exams. We sent SMS alerts when we mailed assignments students. But, only those who had power supply benefited. Children in less affected areas shared hard copies of the assignments with their friends in flood-affected places,” said Principal S. Amudha Lakshmi.



Schools like Hindustan International and KRM group also relied on the Internet to send lesson plans and assignments. R.J. Bhuvanesh, chief executive officer of KRM group of schools, said the CBSE School used Skype.


At the PSBB group of schools, students took unit tests online and submitted projects and assignments through e-mail. “We finished a major part of our project virtually,” said a class XII student. The group has included kindergarten students too, whose parents recently received 20-page worksheet to be completed during the Christmas holidays. “We have an app and I share the lessons with other mothers,” a parent said.


Although online teaching methods are beneficial, Ms. Amudha Lakshmi does not think it can work forever. “Nothing like seeing the students and knowing if the children have understood the concept,” she pointed out. The facility will, however, continue for older students, who will be sent question papers and answer keys soon after the model board exams.


Such benefits are not available to students in Corporation or government-run schools though they had laptops.


Being connected


Chennai High/Higher Secondary Schools have net connectivity


Floods have destroyed smart classrooms and computers