E-learning Is Future Of Education, Says CEO

(The Sun Daily, January 13th, 2016) E-learning Is Future Of Education, Says CEO


Association of Science, Technology and Innovation president Dr Mohamed Yunus Yasin, Learning Orchard CEO Murail Mano and Excelsoft director Ajay Kulkarni during the launch of Edukate and Project Advance Learning Initiative at Bangsar South City, Kuala Lumpur. SUNPIX by ADIB RAWI YAHYA


 KUALA LUMPUR: The future of education lies with the application of E-learning that could complement the current conventional education system in Malaysia.


 Learning Orchard chief executive officer Murali Mano said moving towards E-learning is necessary in order to compete effectively with the world.



 He said the trend of online education was alien to Malaysians previously, but now they are starting to get the grasp of it.


 "The trend is moving to that direction and this something you cannot run away from. It will change and it has to change," he said.


 "Technology and content available worldwide is so far ahead, we need to implement this things (E-learning) in school," he told a press conference after the launch of E-learning portal Edukate and Project Ali at Connexion@Nexus here.


 The portal is an initiative made with the collaboration between Learning Orchard and the Association of Science, Technology and Innovation.


 Murali said the application of technology will be able to help school pupils to learn and understand effectively in class.


 "There are things that technology is able to do that cannot be done in a normal school, such as the application of animation in learning," he added.


 He said although there is a trend of using information and communications technology in education, the question is how we are going to implement it.


 On the Edukate E-learning portal, Murali said it will assist primary pupils as a supplementary lesson to the current education they are learning in school.


 The portal, which is based on Malaysian curriculum, offers online courses in selected subjects such as Mathematics and Science.


 The lessons offered will be expanded to include subjects suitable for secondary school students in the future, Murali said.