First Smartphone App to Study for a Degree in Vietnam

Mobile-learning is both practical and flexible in terms of time and location. Learners can study at the office, at home or in a cafe. Anytime, anywhere.

Along with the growth of the Internet and other technology equipment, Mobile-Learning or M-Learning (online education via a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone) is becoming popular option due to the portability, interoperability and high efficiency, especially in the mobile era.


Mobile-Learning is favored for its usability and flexibility, in terms of time as well as location. Learners can study anywhere, anytime, at the Office, at home or a cafe. The wireless convenience saves time and digitized content makes learning simple and easy. This new trend of modern education methods, via E-learning, Is applied by various universities and training providers around the world.


According to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Trung, Mobile-Learning is one of the breakthroughs of the year

Vietnam Mobile workshop Day 2014, held alongside Mobile Day around the world, is an annual celebration of the mobile technologies, businesses, and partners who are active in this field. During the seminar, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Trung, Vice President of the technology education group TOPICA, has been sharing articles about the effects of the application of mobile technology in education, received praise and attention of attendees.

In his section, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Trung introduced new applications for the Bachelor program in Vietnam, TOPICA Mobile Class. "This is the breakthrough of the year, using conversion technologies and advanced materials based on international standards and the needs of the learner ".

From 2013, TOPICA Uni application deployment for mobile learning was available for "bachelor" students online. With just a tablet or Smartphone in hand, students can sign in to classes, monitor lectures,  update their information, and exchange ideas with teachers and colleagues. New learning method provide convenience and portability while still providing knowledge and information for students.


TOPICA technology application in training


In parallel with the development of Mobile-Learning, some applications of this technology is also used for training. For example, Google Glass can be used to practice speaking English to Vietnamese through the course TOPMITO. In this course, students can learn English under the guidance of entirely native speaking teachers. Furthermore, in 2008, the TOPICA Online Bachelor of applied technology of three dimensional virtual world (3D Second Life), created a vibrant learning environment, the simulation as real universities.


This technology has been used by over 300 universities around the world, including top universities such as Harvard, Princeton, and Oxford. The more efficient system posts the multimedia lecture via IPTV broadcasting system MyTV. From January 2012, students studying with TOPICA have more choice in their education, right from home through their TV screens or MyTV service.

Around the world, Mobile-Learning has grown in recent years, helping users gain more knowledge, at any time without having to lecture. As one of the fastest-growing in smartphone markets in South East Asia between 2012-2013, Mobile-Learning for Vietnamese has become an effective tool for teaching and learning.

Source: Vietnamnet