Free Learning Of 5 Majors with TOPICA Million

(17/10/2014) The community program TOPICA Million “Free E-learning, 5 hot majors, millions of learners” is the result of research and co-operation between TOPICA Edtech group and Vietnam Open Educational Resource – VOER.


The purpose of the program is to help 1 million Vietnamese people in the next 3 years approach 400 multi-lessons: videos, slides, FAQs and key terms of over 60 subjects. The five main majors include: Business Administration, Accounting, Finance & Banking, Law and Information Technology. Any person can learn online anytime, anywhere, for free.

To external lecturers, documents can be used to support their duties but notifications for the program’s moderators are required. No organization is allowed to use the document for the purpose of lecturing for financial benefits; no copying action is allowed. 

TOPICA contributes 400 free high quality lectures and 10 lessons per week will be uploaded on the website


Topica Edtech Group is a leading online education provider in South East Asia. Topica Uni cooperates with 8 universities including top-tier institutions in the Philippines and Vietnam and to provide high-quality online degree programs. Topica Native provides online English speech tutoring courses in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, and was the first in the world to launch a Google Glass app for speech tutoring. Topica Founder Institute is an accelerator program whose grads have raised nearly 10 million US dollars in 3 years. An early Topica initiative was personally launched by then-Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates. Topica employs 500 fulltime staff, 1,400 part-time instructors and operates offices in Manila, Singapore, Bangkok, Hanoi, HCMC, Danang.

VOER is an open educational resource program, funded by Vietnam Foundation, with over 21,000 documents from 5,000 authors. As an open educational resource, VOER is available for anyone to sign up and learn without any payment required. 

Raising 300/1000 points on English speaking tests after only one course


DR. Ray Gamble, Head of the Scholarship Department at US National Academy of Science and President of Vietnam Foundation said,  “These open courses bring qualified, suitable and realistic knowledge for learners, allowing them to diversify their knowledge and upgrade their skills. For people who cannot reach for higher studies after high school graduation, this program will help them approach knowledge at “hot” majors and fields at the moment. TOPICA Million and VOER will together create one of the biggest open educational resources in South East Asia.”.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Trung, Vice General Director of TOPICA stated, ”We really hope to bring more opportunities of learning for Vietnamese people, those seeking knowledge and skills through free educational documents available in this program. TOPICA will apply cultivated experiences while co-operating with universities in Vietnam, the Philippines and other South East Asian Nations to construct a high quality educational curriculum”.


Thu Ngan

Source: Vnexpress