Honoring Businessman-Teachers of Vietnam

(15/12/2014) They are not teachers, not lecturers, not scientists… they are business people, managers but they are assumed by students to be “the teacher” of based on their experience in reality.

On December 14th 2014, the Ceremony Honoring Business lecturers was held for those who had spent time and effort on education through lecturing courses of the program “1000 businessmen accompanied with young entrepreneurs”.

Many special items were provided by students for business lecturers


The Ceremony honored and gave certificate of merit from the Central Association of Vietnamese Youth to 25 business lecturers who contributed to instructing, sharing experience and accompanying young entrepreneurs. The five most liked lecturers and biggest contributing lecturers received a cup of honor from the Central Association.


Deputy Head of Central Commission for Mass Mobilisation Nguyen Van Hung, Vice President of Central Front Committee Truong Thi Ngoc Anh and Head of Central Youth Group Nguyen Phi Long honored 30 typical business lecturers of 2014


Honored business lecturers are those who finished the most classes (counted by hours of online and offline classes) in over 1000 lecturers participating in the program of accompanying  young entrepreneurs, which was monitored by Central Association of Vietnamese Youth, Thanh Giong a Knowledge Portal that co-operated with TOPICA Education Technology Group and the Association of Vietnamese young entrepreneurs from 2008 to 2015. Business lecturers include CEOs, Deputy General Directors, Directors, Vice Directors, businessmen, managers of companies and departments, a variety of experts from multiple fields.


Mr Nguyen Thanh Trung, Deputy General Director of TOPICA Education Technology Group said, ”The term business lecturer illustrates business people who, despite being busy still contributed to education – although there has been many awards to remark contribution of businesses to society, as well as condition to honor teachers. The Ceremony is a meaningful event to encourage and remark the contribution of business lecturers, and companies that truly contributed to education by donating time, effort and mind. Lecturers shared experiences with students and youth all over the country.


Before the Ceremony started, Vice President of Central Front Committee Le Ba Trinh also shared talk with 30 typical business lecturers of 2014 in the Headquarters of the Central Front Committee.


Vice President of Central Front Committee Le Ba Trinh appreciated the immense contribution of business lecturers to the youth.


After 5 years of operation, the program attracted 1419 business lecturers registered to share experiences for youth through E-learning. Operating entrepreneurship training courses for 15,485 young students, giving certificates for 10,910 students, 20,000 students were trained with soft skills such as communication, sales, marketing, interviewing and recruitment.


As shared, with lively and interesting lectures on Finance and Banking, lecturer Nguyen Tran Nhat Huy, Department Director in the Volume of individual business households, Vietnam Prosperous Bank, led the list of TOP 5 most liked business lecturers with near 4000 votes.


Free learning from educational document resource!

“1000 businessmen accompanied with young entrepreneurs” is one of the training programs successfully applying the online technology (E-learning) of TOPICA Edcuation Technology Group.This is also one of the biggest E-learning departments of South East Asia, a pioneer exporting E-learning technology. With over 1000 business lecturers, bachelor’s training programs in this group have reached 1600 successful former students, including hundreds of leaders, and managers in different companies.


Nowadays, many lectures of business lecturers are freely shared on the education resource TOPICA Million (http://million.topica.vn/).

Facts have shown that lack of experience and skills is the main challenge for many young people seeking jobs. The community program TOPICA Million “Free E-learning: 5 hot major, million learners” was founded to bring about the solution.


 TOPICA provides 400 free lectures for the community



This model is following the trend of online courses – MOOC founded globally by Havard, Stanford and MIT. The aim is to help 1 million Vietnamese people in 3 years approach 400 lectures through videos, slides, FAQs, and key terms dictionary in over 60 subjects. The 5 hot majors are: Business Administration, Accounting, Finance & Banking, Law, and Information Technology. Any person can learn online anytime, anywhere and free.


Mr. Tran Manh Cong, Program Director affirmed, ”We will apply experiences of supporting universities in Vietnam, the Philippines and other South East Asian nations to construct this high quality online training program, warranting the highest efficiency for TOPICA Million”.


Source: Dantri