How EdTech Revolutionizes Teaching And Learning Experiences Of Educators And Students

(Parent Herald, July 23) Many experts believed that education technology (EdTech) has the ability to transform the field of education. That's why, many tech companies have been recently investing more on EdTech platforms including Apple, Google and Amazon.


Education technology does not only enhance students’ learning experiences but also prepare students with new skill-sets. (Photo: Matt Cardy/Getty Images)


Despite the rise of education technology, RAND Corp. policy researcher Julia Kaufman revealed in an open letter published on EdWeek that there has been "little evidence" that online EdTech platforms have indeed improved or transformed teaching and learning experiences. However, Kaufman also acknowledged the fact that most if not all teachers are looking for instructional "classroom lesson materials" online.


Why Educators Should Seek Ways For Education Technology To Add Coherence To Teachers' World

In Kaufman's open letter, she also stressed the need for policymakers and educators to search for means for education technology "to add coherence to teachers' world." According to Kaufman, educators must have good instructional materials, which are structured into coherent units, in order to improve their teaching approach.

Kaufman also added the need for lessons to include materials that will help struggling and advanced students in their skill progression. But educators should also understand how those education technology materials match with state and district standards and assessments.


Education Technology To Revolutionize Education

As education technology leaders prepare for the National Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) In January 2017, newly designed technological tools will be introduced during the event. With the cutting-edge tools from Amazon Education, Discovery Education, EON Reality, Facebook and Microsoft, these EdTech apps and devices aim to "accelerate learning and improve access in the digital age."

"As education continues to evolve, technology will play an increasingly crucial role in teaching and learning success while enabling the introduction of new strategies to improve education for students of all ages," FETC program chair Jennifer Womble said in a press release on Market Wired. "The goal of FETC is to present attendees with the newest ideas on pedagogies and technologies that can help them implement immediate and effective changes at their school districts to improve how students learn."


Education Technology To Address Academic Barriers

Aside from revolutionizing and improving the education sector, these education technology tools also aim to inspire the imagination and arouse creativity of students. With EdTech's potential to influence education, experts believed that the academic barriers faced by students and educators every day will be finally addressed.

"There is often an unfortunate disconnect between the requirements of the student population and the types of instruction available at schools," Michael Meechin said. "The education space needs a wake-up call to adopt new strategies that are fueled by technology."

In addition, education technology does not only enhance students' learning experiences but also prepare students with new skill-sets. EdTech also made education more accessible, especially in the remote rural areas of developing nations, Business Wire notes.