Lee Kuan Yew: “The key to avoid falling behind the world is English”

(Dantri, 9th April 2015) “If students cannot hear and speak English fluently, just reading is already lagging behind” – the former Singapore Prime Minister said in his visit Vietnam in 2007.


English – The key to avoid falling behind

In the process of integrating internationally, Lee Kuan Yew proved that beside developing technology, finding a same voice with the world is essential to any nations. From 1959 when he became Prime Minister, he had chosen English to be Singapore’s first language and continuously pushed the learning of English in his country. In 2011, he founded a fund named after him to encourage bilingual from childhood, especially kindergarten, in Singapore.

Interviewed by the New York Times in 2010, he emphasized that: “English is the business language in my country and that is what makes us successful in connecting widely with the world. No matter if you are Malaysian, Chinese, Tamil or any nationalities and want to continue preserving your native language as the first, make it second”.

How to learn English in the right way?

Native teachers suggest Asian students to focus on learning how to speak and pronounce not just grammar and vocabulary. Those who are busy with work or family can participate in online speaking classes. These classes open from 8am to 12pm every day, helping students choose their own suitable time. Students don’t have to wait for class assignation, they can start their placement test and lessons right after enlisting.



Overcoming the weaknesses of the one-way learning method, in this way of learning, native teachers from Europe – USA – Australia will teach in online classes which are designed intuitively and vividly 16 hours a day. Lessons therefore become as familiar and highly effective as if students are talking in real life.

In the world, learning a foreign language online is applied by more and more reputable universities. Harvard or British Council all have foreign language E-learning program with dozens of thousands of learners. Nowadays, this method is being applied in an English-speaking program known as TOPICA Native.



“If you want to be good at English, learn it the right way. Success is 99% hardworking and only 1% intelligent. Studying with TOPICA Native with passionate teachers make me feel like having a trusting companion throughout my learning process” – Ms May shared.

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