Now, You Can Study Languages on Your Smartwatch for Free

(01/12/2014) TOPICA Memo is a free English learning app developed by IT 9x Viet. This is the first foreign language learning app in Vietnam available on Android Smartwatch for users to learn vocabulary.


This app is also available with for iPhone and other Android based products such as Samsung and LG.

Learning English on your watch

The app works with the Smartwatch to provide a functional and portable learning platform. The device on user’s hand will slightly vibrate each 15-30 minutes. With a glance down to the wrist, an English word will appear for the user to guess the meaning. The Vietnamese meaning will come up after a few seconds, and if the guess is incorrect, the app will repeat the word  moments later.

It may sound simple but the app combines famous education methods, such as “Constructivism and Gamification”.


Learning a foreign language is no longer a burden – Topica Memo, the new app of IT 9x Viet has opened the minds of thousands of people. Using this new technological method helps us learn and play with foreign languages. With the Smartwatch, this app helps people learn vocab in a similar fashion to flash cards, as the amount of new and old vocabulary will be interleaved based on user’s sense of memory.

If you do not own a Smartwatch, learners can still experience the app through smartphones, tablets and laptops.

This is the only free language learning app for Vietnamese with innovative learning and multiple options. Including French, German, English, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish. According to the apps founder, Khoi Nguyen,it was developed based on Vietnamese people’s habits, distinguishably serving Vietnamese.


Learning can be just like gaming, and regular users can begin reading and comprehending 70% of foreign news

The most significant features of this Vietnamese product include the immense number of supported languages as well as the fact that it’s free for all users. The image of the Memo ant and friendly user interface also inspire users to learn languages.

Learning foreign languages using this technology not only eradicates schooling stress but also renders it  comfortable and effective. With the device of their choice, language learners can practice anytime, anywhere.

Users spending 30 minutes daily can, after 90 continuous days, go from a comprehension level of zero to 70%, when it comes to foreign news.

The app provides 55 exercises from basic to advanced with challenges on vocab, grammar, listening and pronunciation.

Users can learn with their friends, by challenging each other for high scores, while educating themselves.


The founder has personalized usage for each learner with “spaced-repetition” – the most effective method for learning a large amount of vocabulary within a short period of time.

On the first month of product launch, TOPICA Memo offers 50 sets of gifts with a total worth of 5 million Dong for luckiest Dantri’s readers downloading the app.

We will contact you within 24 hours. The gift event will finish on December 7th 2014.

The Memo helps learners not only comprehend meaning but also understand how to use words in multiple contexts, this parallelled with repetition to make the words stick in the learners’ mind.

Crowd sourcing education method is also applied to the app’s data based on community’s shares of knowledge. When answering, learners can use “Report fault” to express their ideas on the provided answers. Based on the reports, the developer can provide any improvements needed for the application.


Thousands of downloads within the first week

The app witnessed thousands of downloads and the rate of returned users reached 80%. Go to to find out more & learn a language for free on your smartphones, tablets and Smartwatch.

Khoi Nguyen’s wish as the app developer is to change the habits of Vietnamese when they use their smartphones. “Smartphone are not only for gaming, chatting and checking Facebook but can also help you learn and practice a foreign language”.

It is expected that is app will provide wide support for its many users.

This free English learning app is now used in TOPICA Million contest ( to evaluate candidates’ English ability. This contest will generate real studies and work with trusted employers, bring job opportunities to students and workers who want to climb the corporate ladder and make significant career changes.

For download, Android based devices can search for “TOPICA Memo” on Google Play Store, or download directly from:

TOPICA Memo will soon launch a version for Windows.

Source Dantri