Online Education Trends in the Internet Era

In tandem with the explosion of the online era, E-learning has been become a global trend. Over the past two years, hundreds of world’s top universities have focused on developing E-learning options for their students. Vietnam has stood out in this surge,  achieving global distinction by being the first to export E-learning technology abroad.

Master Dang Thi Thu Thuy, representative of TOPICA Education Technology Group - the pioneer of exporting E-learning technology, shared this at the event “Internet Day 2014: The Online Era”.

Founded by Vietnam Internet Association (VIA) in 2013, Internet Day is an annual event supported by the Ministry of Information and Communication. This is a chance for firms to present and introduce new technology to people and the press. 

Internet Day 2014 attracting leading experts of ICT in Việt Nam


“ Online Era – The Online Century” was the topic for Internet Day, which provided an open forum with trusted speakers from big organizations and companies, both domestic and global. Such as, Department of Telecommunication, VNNIC, VIA, Google, VNPT, VNNIC, FPT Telecom, Viettel, VNG, Net Nam, Qualcomm, Sendo (FPT), TOPICA. The forum also discussed major reports and topics related to communication and Internet in the hi-tech era.

Experts also noted the trend of E-Commerce and E-learning as, respectively, being more popular in Vietnam and throughout the world. 

Master Dang Thi Thu Thuy shares about E-learning in the Online Era


E-learning is compared with “Flip the classroom” model, in which students practice in class, and then self-study at home. This is the biggest distinction between traditional schooling and E-learning.

The representative of pioneer generating E-learning in Vietnam, TOPICA Education Technology Group gave a presentation on the perspective of developing E-learning in Vietnam, E-learning trends in the world, methods of constructing E-learning models, faculties and student services. 

Master Dang Thi Thu Thuy, Deputy Head of South Branch, TOPICA Education Technology Group said, ”E-learning has been successfully applied by Havard, Maryland and hundreds of universities in the United States of America. In Vietnam, with 10 years of experience operating, constructing and providing facilities for E-learning, TOPICA a pioneer, and is also exporting exclusive E-learning technology abroad”.

In June 2014, TOPICA signed a contract to supply an educational software system with operating processes, methods of constructing multi-lessons and launching E-learning, with AMA University, the largest university in the Philippines.

In addition to earning degrees through one’s mobile, watching TOPICA TV, buying a simulated class with TOPICA 3D, students also have the opportunity to learn English by speaking through Google Glass. TOPICA is primed to be the South East Asia leader of education technology--constantly utilizing the latest trends of E-learning in the world.


Programs of TOPICA Education Technology Group:


Providing technology facilities and services to support online Bachelor’s courses for the National Economics University, Hanoi Open University, Thai Nguyen University, Tra Vinh Univeristy, Duy Tan University, AMA University (the largest in the Philippines). Website:

TOPICA Native (Topmito)

World’s first English speaking practice available through Google Glass. Website:

TOPICA Founder Institute

TOPICA Founder Institute (TFI) is the only Accelerator in Vietnam with millions of US dollars invested through it. Such start ups include, Appota and HSP Yton. For more information, visit:


English ability testing system CASEC was founded based on research of STEP and was developed by the Japan Institute for Educational Measurement (JIEM). Website:

TOPICA Million

TOPICA Million “Free E-learning: 5 hot majors, millions of learners” provides a free resource of educational documents with 400 lectures: videos, slides, FAQs and a key terms dictionary with over 60 subjects. The 5 hot majors include: Business administration, Accounting, Finance and Banking, Law, and Information Technology. Website:


TOPICA Memo is a free English learning app developed by IT 9x Viet. It is the first language learning products for Android Smartwatch in Vietnam with the usage of learning vocabulary. For more information, visit: