Professors of Stanford university came to Vietnam to discuss E-learning

(Dan tri, 29th December 2014) Recently, eight leading professors in various fields from Stanford University, USA came to Vietnam and discussed with experts about E-learning. The significant problem was paid attentions: "E-learning will be the innovative solution to education in the future."

From 12 December to 21 December 2014, eight leading professors of Economics, Management and Information Technology from Stanford University - United States had a tour lasting 9 days in Vietnam. Stanford University professors delegation included Prof. Lanier Benkard and Prof. Peter Reiss - majoring in Economics; Prof. Ed DeHaan - majoring in Accounting; Prof. Jeffrey Zwiebel - majoring in Finance; Prof. Ron Kasznik - majoring in Financial Management; Prof. Keith Krehbiel - majoring in Political Science and Prof. Yonatan Gur - majoring in Technological Information.



The professors visited Hanoi Stock Exchange, learning about stock market and Vietnam's economy; worked with Topica Edtech Group and had a meeting with experts and leaders in education.

They especially paid attention to three issues: the high proportion of unemployed graduates, students' motivation and retention, innovative technologies and new ways of learning. Meanwhile, they also considered that online education (E-learning) in Vietnam can bring benefits to students and help them increase employment opportunities or find a better job.



Stanford professors were impressed when listening to Topica's share about E-learning. After graduating with Topica, 97% are employed; 34% founder better jobs; salaries increased 16.1% after one year, 1.5 times national average. Hundreds became Founders, CEOs, Managers…Vietnamese students' retention rate in 12 months was 79%, equivalent to the top 4 online universities in US. Technological equipments are applied: Google Glass, SmartWatch, Mobile Learning, 3D Similation, IPTV…



Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, hundreds of top universities worldwide offering online education. 74% Chief Academic Officers: online courses equal or better than offline counterparts.

Talking to VTV reporters at GES 2014 conference, Prof. Edward Lazear, from Human Resources and Economics, Stanford University, who won the Adam Smith award shared, “Online education has been used for a long time. At Stanford University, E-learning has been used to teach engineering for 20 years. Stanford Business School is also beginning to adapt E-learning. I have no doubt that E-learning will develop quickly in the next decade.”