Topica Edtech Group is voted in the Top 50 innovative Edtech Startups in Southeast Asia by the world's smartest data platform of education technology HolonIQ (*)

20.06.2020 The prestigious HolonIQ organization announced Southeast Asia's Top 50 Startups on Education Technology. Vietnam's representatives are widely known startups such as Kyna, Yola... Particularly, Topica Edtech Group has participated in two categories of Higher Education and Language Learning.

Southeast Asia's Top 50 Edtech Startups is designated from the top-notch 500+ companies through a vigorous process based on HolonIQ's highly intelligent global data platform. That is a focused cohort of ASEAN new players rapidly gaining the attention of students, parents, policymakers, and investors alike.
Online bachelor's degree education program - Topica Uni is honored as one of the best higher education programs, with more than 6000 graduates (figures from the year 2018). Of which, 97% are employed; 34% founder better jobs; salaries increased by 16.1%; 1.5 times compared to national average wage, and hundreds became Founders, CEOs, Managers… Topica Uni partners with 16 universities, including top-tier institutions in the USA, Philippines, and Vietnam. The program has successfully mobilized over 1,000 managers and professionals to teach online.
Listed in the category of HolonIQ's Online Learning startups is the KidTopi, another educational program from Topica Edtech. This online language learning program allows Asian children to study one-on-one with American elementary teachers with a prime which focuses on teaching English as a second language.
In 2018, Holon IQ's reported an 8.2 billion USD global venture capital in the field of education technology, which over quadrupled the 1.8 billion total value of 2014. There were 27 big transactions which worth over US$ 50 million (megadeal) in Edtech companies from the 5 countries: China, India, the USA, France, and Vietnam.
The US$ 50 million deal investing in Topica Edtech Group and Topica's participation in two categories of HolonIQ's recognition has highlighted Vietnam in the world map of Edtech investment and proved this market's attractions to international investors.
*Holon IQ: the global education intelligence platform. An independent business operated by a team of data experts and market leaders in the field of education technology.