Topica Edtech Group's speaker impressed participants at Thailand Startup Summit 2017

At last week’s Thailand Startup Summit 2017 in Bangkok where 500 entrepreneurs, investors and community builders connected over the one-day event of keynotes, panels and networking.


Mr. Kevin Nguyen, Director at Topica Edtech Group, spoke on a diverse panel alongside SkillLane, Globish, top 3 startups in Thailand, Partech Venture Capital and  B Capital from Silicon Valley. The panel, moderated by Mike Michalec, Founder & CEO of Edtech Asia, discussed about Edtech as the 21st Century Education Driver.





Mr. Nguyen Duc Anh, Product Director at Topica Edtech Group, spoke alongside SkillLane, Globish, Partech and B Capital. The group discussed about Edtech as the 21st Century Education Driver.

Mr. Nguyen has been running the Southeast Asian online education provider’s operations in Thailand for the past year, which include products ‘Topica Uni’, which offers online degrees and ‘Topica Native’, online English speech tutoring courses and ‘Edumall’, online short courses which was launched nearly a year ago.

Mr. Nguyen shared on the panel about the unique characteristics of Thai market when they first expanded here. "Thai people communicate mostly through Line, over other communication platforms, and Thailand has a beautiful culture but very different from Vietnam. We had to adapt very quickly to the softer Thai culture of interaction and this has made our penetration into the market more effective."

He also shared Topica's plan of applying high technology into its products to create best learning and teaching experience for both students and instructors. "Looking ahead, TOPICA launched a lab called Edtech Lab to focus on developing and adopting next-wave technology to integrate into our portfolio of products. Through trials, we found that incorporating Virtual Assistant/Tutor help enhance the teaching and learning experience, especially affecting contextual learning experience", said Mr. Nguyen

Mike Michalec, moderator of the panel, shared his view on Topica's plan, "The Edtech Lab that Topica has launched could potentially provide a boost for next-wave technologies especially in enhancing the delivery of learning contents that will serve learners very well in the ASEAN countries".

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About Topica Edtech Group

Topica Edtech Group is a leading online education provider in Southeast Asia, with over 1,000 full-time staff and 1,800 instructors in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam. Topica Uni cooperates with 11 universities including top-tiered institutions in the Philippines and Vietnam to operate high-quality online degree programs. Topica Native provides online English speech tutoring and language courses in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, and was the first in the world to launch an English speech tutoring app using Augmented Reality platform. Topica Edumall is a leading distribution platform for short and long courses, and third-party products. Topica also manages the Thailand and Vietnam chapters of the Silicon-Valley accelerator Founder Institute, whose grads have raised million-dollars funding rounds. Topica is currently recruiting for "22 Future CEOs", a fast - track talent acquisition program, where candidates have the opportunity to experience 3 rotational manager positions in 6 months across 5 countries.