TOPICA Native celebrated Teachers’ Day 20/11 to honor hundreds of its online English teachers

“Those who teach in physical classrooms or those who do it through the internet are all educators” is one of the core values that TOPICA Edtech Group has embraced from the very first days. To nurture this spirit, TOPICA celebrated its “Teacher's Award Ceremony” this November to honor its English online teachers who have contributed exceptionally to TOPICA Native program in 2015. This event was held simultaneously in both TOPICA Hanoi and Saigon offices with the presence of hundreds of local and foreign teachers.

A ceremony celebrated with enthusiasm and joy

As a pioneering group in the education technology area, TOPICA always considers the “Teacher's Award Ceremony” as one of the most important internal annual events. This event was held not merely to express TOPICA’s appreciation to the highest-achieving teachers of the year (including local individuals and foreign ones from the UK, America, Australia, Europe, Thailand, Philippines etc) but also served as a corporate bonding activity for all of its employees regardless of their positions, nationalities etc.

Coming to celebrate the ceremony were TOPICA’s top executives and a great number of its teachers, some of whom even live hundreds of kilometers away from Hanoi and Saigon. On behalf of TOPICA, Mr. Nguyen Danh Tu - Vice Product Development Manager of TOPICA Native expressed his gratitude towards all of the teachers who joined the journey and contributed greatly to the mission “Help Millions Study” during the year. For those who could not make it to the ceremony, TOPICA’s Board of Directors did not forget to send them a proper thank-you note acknowledging TOPICA Native could not go so far without their massive effort and helping hands.

“Teacher's Award Ceremony” at TOPICA Saigon

Right after the speech, the results of the open poll for the title “Most Favorite Teachers” and “Top 10 Teachers” which had been publicised 2 weeks before were also revealed. Some of the outstanding names in the list are Teacher Bui Thi Yen in the Vietnamese teachers category, Teacher Shellaine Malabajot in the Filipino teachers category and Teacher Egbert Veltman - representing the American-European category. All of the teachers, especially the foreign ones, were all deeply moved by this reward and recognition.

Mr. Egbert Veltman exclaimed, “It’s definitely not the first time I have had a chance to join a teacher’s day ceremony in Vietnam but still feel so incredibly excited and moved by your Vietnamese students’ acts to honor online educators like us.”

Ms Bui Thi Yen  - “Most Favorite Vietnamese Teacher”and Mr Egbert Veltman as representative of “Top 10 American-European Teacher”

“Teacher's Award Ceremony” was ended with all attendants singing along to a Vietnamese traditional song dedicated to educators. The small gifts handed to those teachers at the end represented all the appreciation of TOPICA to their effort and devotion to the education development in general. TOPICA sees November 20th not just as Vietnamese Teachers’ Day but also a cause to commemorate all educators over the world regardless of their nationality and race.

“Those who teach in physical classrooms or those who do it through the internet are all educators”

“Those who teach in physical classrooms or those who do it through the internet are all educators” is one of the core values which TOPICA Edtech Group has been valuing from the very first days. The “Teacher's Award Ceremony” once again recognized the vital role of its online teachers who have contributed greatly to their particular field. Because TOPICA understands teaching methods may take different forms but it is the dedication of these online teachers which is are undeniable in TOPICA’s success. After all, the true values of a good teacher are measured through their intellect, knowledge and devotion to their students and to the society.

As an educator, every TOPICA teacher always bears in mind that teaching is the most notable profession as it provides one with more opportunities regardless of their background. A lot of teachers have noted that teaching is not simply their job to make a living but also a great source of inspiration. They shape their student to be academically wonderful and morally good by enhancing their knowledge, skill and confidence level and yet, they also gain  many valued living skills and an ongoing admiration from their students. Thus, in spite of long distance, the teachers and their students both grow an adequate mutual understanding.

Attendants taking a photo together

“I am proud to be a TOPICAN!”

“I am proud to be a TOPICAN!”, exclaimed Mr. Egbert Veltman - a young Dutch teacher who has been working for TOPICA Native for almost 2 years. Despite the fact he is among a few fellow Westerners working in the office, Veltman has never felt like a fish out of water as he has always had the support he needs from his “amiable, enthusiastic and eager to help” colleagues. Besides TOPICA’s fascinating and instructive workplace and programs designed to nurture its rising stars, Veltman also did not forget to mention the investment in internal events and team activities like football tournaments, Teacher's Day, TOPICA Dash etc. “As the company is growing in a steady pace and we're occupying more and more floors in our office, the need to not only work together but to do this in a constructive, cooperative, motivational and productive way is  increasingly needed. And we are on the right track with this,” he said.

TOPICA provides employees with not only an ideal work environment but also opportunities to join the great educational mission - “Help Millions Study”. “Millions” here refers to both urban residents who are fully equipped and more importantly, rural ones who have limited opportunities to learn and practice English with native speakers.

“Hence why I work for TOPICA Native as I consider the online format the best way to reach out to all Vietnamese people (as well as our other students living in other ASEAN countries) because we don’t need a real classroom as we use the internet to its full potential for educational purposes,” he added.

Starting at just a small office on Ta Quang Buu street, TOPICA has been rapidly and constantly growing in size and has become one of the most successful start-ups in Southeast Asia. Understanding high-achieving individuals have proven to be a critical component in nurturing the organization’s mission statement, TOPICA has always tried to develop its human capital for years. That explains why TOPICA’s people despite the color of their skin and nationalities all feel appreciated and proud to be a part of this great mission.

TOPICA Native is seeking for online English teachers to achieve that mission. Click for more information.