World-First Google Glass App for Practicing English Speech

(12/3/2014) The unique program for oral English training, Topica Native, uses Google Glass  technology to create the world's most innovative  opportunity to learn English.


For the first time in the world, Google Glass is used to practice speaking English. For the most part, Google Glass' programs were primarily focused entertainment  and routinely functional applications such as adventure sports, direct TV picture operation, maps displays, foreign doctors advice, reminders during ones hectic schedule, and exotic games. However, Topica Native Glass is unique in the world, using Google Glass to practice English with a native speaker.

With Topica Native Glass, online learning not only suited for a computer, mobile or laptop

In Topica Native Glass, students can use Google Glass to practice in English-speaking venues such as a restaurant, supermarket, for travel or for communication with the foreigners at the Lake, or in the Old Quarter. In the meantime, teachers and other students at home can watch through their screens as pictures are transmitted back from the Google Glass through Topica Native. Besides learning essential vocabulary for each topic selected, and the grammar for this type of communication, live teachers also provide support, helping the individual communicate exactly like a native English speaker in real time.


With the use of Google Glass, you will never be hungry or lost. The developer of the program promises that anywhere you are you can rely on the online help from and American or Australian English teacher, and easily communicate with other English speakers.

Practice with over a hundred classes per week with teachers Europe, Australia, and North America

Scheduling is also very flexible, Topica Native always consisted of 16 consecutive lessons per day, more than 100 lessons per week. Classes start from 8am and continue till 11pm, daily. Each class lasts 45 minutes featuring a native English speaking teacher for instruction and guidance. The number of students in each class is restricted to only 2-5 students to ensure opportunities for each student to speak and improve their communication skills. Moreover, this online training  technology TOPMITO has helped to remove the distance between the learner and the foreign teacher.  

Aside from native English speaking teachers, Topica Native also serves learners with our friendly instructors who are always ready to help and answer questions of the students. Each student has a separate private instructor. This teacher will accompany participants throughout the course studies with Topica Native. Any difficulties and questions that the students have, instructors are willing to help. They also provide a guide so that students can learn more effectively and save cost when taking a course online by Topica Native.

Our friendly instructors are always available to assist students

At the end of the course, Topica Native students take the CASEC certification exams, a method of evaluating English level recognized globally. CASEC test scores can also be converted to TOEIC and TOEFL. In particular, the top 30 students were sent to Singapore free of charge to practice English, use Google Class weekly and a year of support, consulting for related linguistic challenges such as CV writing, job application or studying abroad. Watch and learn more at:

When discussing this application, Mr. Duong Quang Huu, Director of  Topica Native, asserts, that this English speaking training program through the Google Glass is the first of it's kind. Topica Native makes the experience of learning English fun and practical for learners. He also believes this breakthrough in terms of high technology applications Vietnamese education will contribute to providing the learner with convenience and maximizing development of skills, especially in English communication.


The program was developed by the educational technology TOPICA, in the application of high technologies in education and training. Many known of TOPICA as training for high-quality online degrees, the first in Vietnam affiliated with Universities, and an incubator network reminiscent of the Silicon Valley in Vietnam .

Source: Dantri