( Dantri , 13 th  January 2015) His life’s turning points from birth to death, the witty and deep opening about his mother’s message of helping as many people as possible, etc. made Steve Jobs and Bill Gates ’s speeches at the graduation ceremony be considered as...
( Elearningmind , 26 th  January 2015) What do you get when you combine a tech-hungry market with some of the brightest developers in the world?
( Vietnamnet , 2 nd  February 2015) According to IBM 50% of their remote workers are more productive than their office-bound counterparts! In the past two decades, the working habits of people have changed dramatically compared to the habits of workers who came before them. Just to...
( Dantri , 4 th  March 2015) Investment deals for Vietnamese Technological Startups have been increasing for the last 4 years, and 2014 was a flourishing year for them with 28 such deals received.
( Dantri , 12th March 2015) Facing 2015 milestones such as integrating AEC, FTA, some conventional major industries like steel or sugarcane production are dealing with huge challenges. Meanwhile, various IT firms in Vietnam are eagerly confident to expand their target market abroad.
(Dantri, 9th April 2015) “If students cannot hear and speak English fluently, just reading is already lagging behind” – the former Singapore Prime Minister said in his visit Vietnam in 2007.
( Insidehighered , 21 st  April 2015) Distance education at community colleges continues to increase even as overall enrollment at two-year institutions falls.
( Tampa Bay Times , 14 th  May 2015) Twenty-one-year-old Miles Surdi graduated summa cum laude from Saint Leo University this month after completing every one of his accounting degree classes online, no small feat in itself.